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meeting with the president is for show. >> president calls congressional leader to the white house it's political theater or they have a deal. my bet it's all political theater. >> democrats say the president tried for weeks to get agreement on plan "a," $4 trillion debt creel. mr. obama has taken initiative to bring plan "c" to the meeting today. >> this is not for show. this is a last ditch effort by the president to bring congressional leaders together to get at least a small deal together before the new year to avoid some of the tax parts of the fiscal cliff. it would keep tax cuts for the making $250,000 a year or less, extending unemployment benefit and with the clock ticking delay
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dramatic spending cuts until next year. >> i asked leaders of congress to work toward the package to prevent tax hike on middle class americans protects unemployment surance for 2 million americans. lays the groundwork for work on growth and deficit reduction. that is an achievable goal. >> today's meeting is the first with the president since november 16. sign for republicans that mr. obama has not really been pushing that hard for a deal. >> we need presidential leadership on in the just taxing rich people. >> three words the president did not use. he did not use the word sequester and he didn't say "debt ceiling" either. he focused most of his remarx on preventing taxes from going up. there are also massive spending cuts coming. no idea how they will avert that. he also did not mention the debt ceiling.
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earlier they wanted lifting the debt ceiling included. now it's clear it's not in the short-term package that guarantees if they get a short-term deal here, we have major budget battles coming. >> the key to any good negotiation each side has to give up something. near and dear to their heart. what is it, as succinctly as you imagine, both sides have given up? >> both sides say the president started on threshold of tax cut of $250,000. negotiations with boehner he moved to $400,000. not if you have for boehner. he wanted it to be $1 million or more. that is something that can beer worked on. spending cuts the republicans want to see more sacrifice from the president. what they wanted to see in talks not just the small amount of spending cuts to shut off the sequester in the short-term. republicans want entitlement reform, medicare changes and that is nowhere in the deal. that is a major bone of contention. no matter what happens in
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three or four days, medicare reform, entitlement changes, big battle looming. >> that suggests that the democrats are steering the ship. thank you. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel standing by on capitol hill with the latest from that end of pennsylvania avenue. mike? >> good evening. coming out o a big white house meeting everybody agrees that the next step should be the senate taking the bipartisan action. so the pressure shifts to senate majority leader harry reid. and what he may be able to strike to get at least some republican support. >> house republicans voted pass the tax cut and automatic cut to defense and domestic program starting in the new year. so they shifted the focus for the need for majority leader harry reid and the senate democrats to do something. >> the way the senate is fon functionm right now, not even bringing the bills upper committee is frustrating to those of us in the house that are doing the work that has to be done.
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if senate wants to resolution, the senate has to actually pass something on this. we have done our work. senate has to respond. >> challenge is determining what passed the republican-led house and democrat-controlled senate. fiscal conservatives say a smaller stop gap measure to avoid the cliff won't work. >> if we, in fact, do not use this period of time before right now, deal with the bigger issue and entitlements, if we just continue to kick the can down the road. the market will respond in a more permanent and negative way to our inaction. >> one thing leading republicans and democrats seem to agree on is time is running short. veteran senate democrat says there is a very small window to get something done. >> if we don't have a deal within the next 24 hours, the question is where do you buy a pair of shoes? the closer we get to the end the less likely you will compress agreement in place that will have it pass. >> this struggle over the
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future of the country some suggest is not that different than what many americans face in their daily lives. >> this is no different than marriage. a lot of marriages fail because they fight over money. that i get heavily in debt and they fight over money issues. we as a nation are right now fighting over money because we are so heavily in debt. >> though in this case, failure or a weak deal could effect the markets and have lasting economic impact. sunday is setting up to be a critical day. when the house lawmakers return and when the leaders in the united states senate are hoping they will be able to offer a compromise plan. doug? >> doug: mike emanuel on the hill. mike will have much more on this with the panel tonight. as developments are happening fast and furiously late on this friday evening. stocks dropped 2 for week. the dow lost 158. the s&p 500 dropped 16. nasdaq ended 26 below. national association of realers say pending home sales
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increased in november for the third straight month to reach the highest level in two-and-a-half years. major port strike has been averted for now after mediators got the long shoreman's union to postpone it for month to work out time detail osafter new contract. correspondent phil keeting is following that story from miami. >> at least one end of the year cliff has been averted for now. container cliff. there will be no east and gulf coast port strike happening this weekend. but both sides still have much to work out. if they don't, five weeks from now will be right back to a sweeping strike with great consequences. >> a strike in long beach in los angeles a few weeks ago. that was close. if you cost that area, $1 billion a day. >> sticking point has been the container royalties. salary supplements for long shoremen. heavier the container, the more they get paid. the owners want to cap the royalties at last year's levels to 15,000 long shoreman did not. this from the federal mediator
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in washington. "the container royalty payment issue has been agreed upon in principle by the parties subject to achieving an overall collective bargaining agreement. this allege saves americans from higher prices for many consumer goods. all of which would have been in short supply. as a strike would have frozen stack upon stack of containers. electronic. auto parts, airline part. computer component, tiles, manufacturered good, clothing not just things coming in from all over the world but also the u.s. products meant to sell overseas. >> so it's not just the local port area affected by the strike but the entire region and the state. going nationally as well. >> from boston to houston, these ports represent hundreds of billions of dollars worth of consumer goods that flow for distribution thousands of miles inland. thanks to both sides reaching a nearly last-minute agreement, none will see the picket signs sunday.
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>> economist worried if we do go off the fiscal cliff, it's now averted strike would have combined for a deadly one-two punch to the u.s. economy. now the overall deal is at 100% signed off on by februar february 6, then we are right back to where we were this morning and again the national retail federation and the florida governor rick scott will be urging president obama to prevent a strike invoking the tap partly act and something not done since president george w. bush did it in 2002. back to you. >> doug: phil keating in miami. the so-called milk cliff that would also kick in to effect the lawmakers can't avoid the fiscal cliff they be averted now. hill source tells fox news and the senate agriculture leaders working on a year long extension of all farm programs. the source noted that the truman era law is so old it would take weeks to implement. even if the old law expires don't expect immediate spike if milk prices.
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congress is still working to find agreement on the $60.4 billion emergency spending bill for hurricane sandy victims. some conservatives want the government to cut back spending in other areas in exchange for relief money. the new york and the new jersey governors ask for bigger aid packages. the powerful winter storm swept through half of the country and left many in dark. arkansas, 15-inchs of snow caused widespread daniel to power lines and cutting electricity to 200,000 customers. chicago has already reached 500 homicides before the end of this year. the highest level in four years. windy city is desperate to lower its murder rate. correspondent mike tobin looks at one initiative to supporters hope will do just that. [ siren ] >> guy in the middle of the street. looks shot. >> gangland shooting part of every evening in chicago, the gun control debate is ongoing. solution passed by the cook
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county board of collisioners another tax. $25 on every handgun sold. this gun store owner says it's tax against the legal gun owners. >> the new tax is sold with the idea it would offset public cost of medical care for shooting victims. aconfidencing to the board president own numbers that cost is shy of $35 million. estimated revenue is $600,000. it's clear that the motivation for tax is not revenue. it's more of a public policy issue in terms of trying to deter people from buying firearms. >> buyer has the option of taking his business over the county line where there is not a tax, proponents say he will. >> i would be astonished if this doesn't drive gun stores to surrounding counties. >> we're astonished many times when the businesses leave the county but they do.
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>> cook county has been down this road before. tax on bottle water. one of the highest sales tax in the united states. increase in cigarette tax fell short of projected revenue because the tobacco store owners hoarded up the tax stamp before the increase went in effect. in chicago, mike tobin, fox news. >> doug: thank you, mike. how does one unapologize? that is later in grapevine. up next, look at politics behind russia move to ban american adoptions of russian orphans. . now, here's one that will make you feel alive. meet the five-passenger ford c-max hybrid. c-max says ha. c-max says wheeee. which is what you get, don't you see? cause c-max has lots more horsepower than prius v, a hybrid that c-max also bests in mpg. say hi to the all-new 47 combined mpg c-max hybrid.
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>> doug: checking international news now. iran kicked off six days of naval drills in strait of hormuz. they're aimed to showcase naval abilities in shipping route that sees 40% of the sea born oil exports. iran claimed it could block the strait if it came under attack on the nuclear program. "associated press" reports that recent satellite photos indicate north korea repaired flood damage at the nuclear test facility a cowell conduct quick atomic explosion if it chose. washington and others look to avert this by hitting yeonpyeong with sanction but worry the kingdom will respond by conducting a third nuclear test. china government is cracking down on the internet with a new law requiring users to register their names. until recently, web posters could post anonymous comments online. it comes after the leaders
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were upset by a flood by online complaints about the official abuses. russia proposed talks with the main syrian opposition coalition even though it had previously bashed western countries for recognizing the group. that as syrian rebels step up the seize on military base and elsewhere. leland vittert has the latest. >> momentum in syria on the rebel's side they gladly rejected off by slaw to meet and discuss a peace plan saying they will discuss putting down the weapons when bashar assad leaves power. are you are russia long supported assad with weapons and host to russia only foreign naval base in the syrian city of tarqtus. with assad's army playing defense, the russian peace plan appears to be an attempt to hedge their bet on assad making the inroads with the rebels. that will be hard. as rebel video uploaded to
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youtube show unexploded russian made bombs littering the syrian cities. this is a bomb fired on civilians in aleppo explains a rebel fighter with the russian writing clearly visible on the weapon's fin. most bomb, though, explode, like this one caught on amateur video yesterday. nearly every day they post video of recruit joining the fight. the flag visible above the rocket propelled grenade and machine gun. jihadists are often the best ware warriors. recent reports show they lay siege to military north. battle led by the hardcore islamist fighters. russia pith from the staunch ally of the syrian regime to attempted peace broker lanelly a distinction without a
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difference. assad has unwavering support from country less concerned about niceties. iran. >> thank you. over the past two decades 60,000 russian children have been adopted to american families. however, that figure could come to a crushing halt. amy kellogg. >> vladimir putin signs a law banning adoptions by americans. named after a russian toddler who died after being left in a hot car in virginia by his adoptive parents. >> the vast majority of russian citizens are negative about the foreigners adopting our children. we need to do it ourselves. >> but the reality is americans are most the most enthusiastic adopters of russian kids. 7500,000 of whom -- 7800,000 of whom need homes.
3:18 pm
only 18,000 homes in russia take in orphan. the state department regrets the decision with the russia new restriction on the zil society organizations that work with american partners. the adoption law is really believed to be a reaction to a u.s. law passed in the name of magnifsky, lawyer who died in prison after investigating $230 million tax fraud case. it been as those russians believed in some way linked to his death and other human rights violators from traveling to the states and freezes their assets. some say you can't link the two laws. >> i think law is absolutely outrageous. amoral and despicable. this is a law that punishs russian children for $230 million stolep by russian bureaucrats. >> the boy is the son of a woman with disabilities in russia and the american family about to finalize adoption with him may be his last chance for a home.
3:19 pm
>> in our son's case, 22 russian families came to see him an rejected him because of his blood line. >> dozens of russian children in the final stage of the process of being adopted by the american families. many of whom have jumped through several hoops to prove to russians they are if it fit parents. u.s. government says it will fight to make sure at least those deals go through. with the new law set to go in effect january 1 not clear how it will all end up. doug? >> doug: amy kellogg in london. still ahead, look at impact of sequest tration. but first, extraordinary military career of storming normon schwarzkopf. [ male announcer ] how do you measure happiness?
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>> doug: former president bush is in the hospital and unlikely he will leave intensive care unit anytime soon. spokesman says he is continuing to improve and is alert and in good spirits. the 88-year-old has been treated for over a month now after terrible case of bronchitis that triggered a series of complications. military hero and decorated four-star general normon schwarzkopf died on thursday. we look at his distinguished service to the united states. >> he spearheaded the lindbergh baby kidnapping. as a teenager he accompanied his father to iran where tolder trained the police and advised the shop.
3:24 pm
he served two tours in vietnam and highly decorated getting reputation to protect the troops and suggesting himself to enemy fire before them. the epitath should read he was a soldier who loved soldiers. he didn't suffer fools. his determination set him apart. >> going around or over. his plane-spoken qualities and bankruptness endeared him to the press and people. >> as far as saddam hussein being a great military strategist, he is neither strategist nor school in operationm art nor is he a tactician. nor is he a general. other than that, he is a great military man. i want you to know that. >> victory in the gulf war achieved his reputation in public mind rose to mythical
3:25 pm
height of earlier war heroes eisenhower or mccar thur. he was awarded medal of freedom. he rejected calls for political life and retreated from celebrity after brief stint as military analyst for nbc news and settled to quiet life in tampa bay. he revealed the principles that compelled him to greatness were intact. >> there are still things worth fighting for and worth dying for. one is freedom. >> he is survivored by his wife brenda and three children. president bush issued a statement that read in part schwarzkopf epitomized duty and country. more than that he was a good and decent man. schwarzkopf was 78. initiated.
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>> doug: frau fresh pickings from the political grapevine. how does a country unapologize? japan may look to find out. "new york times" report the new government may revise 20-year-old apology to women forced to sexual slavery. the chief cabinet secretary declineed to uphold the apoll saying it would be desirable for experts and historians to study the 1993 statement. japan will hold up a larger apology. they will call on japan not to forget the militaristic past. >> go visit your parents. in china that is an order. they require adult children to visit the aging parents often. it does not specify how often. the parents feel they are
3:30 pm
neglected and sue them. it comes with reports of parents abandoned or ignored by the children. as we talk about, there is a clear tuition over the fiscal cliff. they are working on the legislation, they will watch another battle on sunday. >> we are going to vote sunday night. probably watch the skins-cowboys game. >> washington and dallas play sunday night with the nfc east title on the line. the father played for the redskins in the 1930s. they were in boston at the time. >> most of the fiscal cliff is focused on the impact on the wallet and economy at large, another huge aspect involves a deal to get sequestration and some learn it could cause lasting daniel to military.
3:31 pm
molly henneberg has the details. >> the cuts will hit across the board. every department in the army, navy, air force, marines and coast guard and they will be steep. of the $1.2 trillion in total spending cuts over nine years, $492 billion come from the pentagon. defense analysts say the impact on the military would be serious. >> the pentagon and the department are already in financial trouble. because there has already been $480 billion cut. to take another cut is devastating. >> it will make it channeling for the military to maintain the troops. equipment and preparedness. the larger defense industry also will be hit. >> severe budget cuts could put the natural security at
3:32 pm
risk if the company that make the f-35 fighter or artillery pieces don't have the money to keep going. >> my district would be adversely affected and defense spending cut by $8 billion. >> how did we get to this place? >> in budget battle, the 2011 spending cut put in as unthinkable trigger to force the lawmakers to find a way to cut spending. so far, they haven't found a way here we are. >> to make it unpalatable, they insist it comes out of the defense budget. conservatives think is much, much, much too har. >> defense secretary leon panetta said the pentagon has been preparing for the cuts. which says will inflict lasting damage o the national
3:33 pm
defense. doug? >> doug: molly henneberg. thank you. cuts are the suggest of the next story. americans frequentenly sell unused or unneeded items when they need money. however, some complain that is a foreign concept to our government. correspondent william la jeunesse explains the push for national yard sale. >> amtrak to vacant buildings like these in california many wonder if the federal government should sell what it doesn't need. >> so instead of raising taxes that takes money out of the economy and loafers activity, we should look to sell federal assets. >> empty v.a. hospital in los angeles for $5 billion or part of the water front former military base in san francisco. both cases, politicians said no. they want to make sure they are taken care of. sometimes it gets in way of what is best for the nation. >> federal government is
3:34 pm
america biggest landlord. selling 20% of the empty or underperforming buildings would save $2 billion. you go through and clear it out. it's a matter of scale. defense refused to sell valuable public land adjacent to fast-growing city. without charging royalties like we do for oil and natural gas. selling amtrak could net $60 billion. the tennessee authority and the power would bring in more. commission could oversee the sale to overcome partisan opposition. >> the commission could look at all the federal assets. decide which were the most valuable. which could be sold with the least loss to common good. >> the federal government owns 28% of the land in the u.s.. $500 billion in mineral right. the tax foundation calls
3:35 pm
selling unused asset and empty buildings one of the least worst options of raising cash. experts admit yard sale are not words you often hear on capitol hill. >> william la jeunesse. thank you. three days to cut a deal and avoid the fiscal cliff. fox all-stars weigh in when we come back. [ male announcer ] this december, remember -- what starts with adding a friend... ♪ ...could end with adding a close friend. the lexus december to remember sales event is on. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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i am modestly optimistic an agree. can be achieved. no one is going to get 100% of what they want but let's make sure that middle class families and the american economy and in fact the world economy aren't adversely impacted because people can't do their jobs. >> we engaged in discussions, majority leader myself and the white house. in the hopes we can come forward as early as sunday and have recommendation that i can make to my conference and the majority leader can make to his conference. we will work hard to see if we can get there. in the next 24 hours. >> shortly after mcconnell made those statements, he said whatever we come up with is going to be imperfect. some people aren't going to like it. some people will like it less. but that is where we are. run through timeline of events tonight. senate will be taking up the supplemental, controversial in and of itself. republicans don't like it because they want offsetting
3:39 pm
cuts. saturday the senate will take the day off to formulate some sort of deal. back in association on sunday is the house at house at 2:00 p.m. to consider the deal and avoid fiscal cliff. bring in panel. fred barnes, executive editor of stand stand. kirsten powers and sindcated columnist krauthammer. >> what do you make of this? >> moldestly optimistic. they work out a deal before. they did when the talks over the debt limit fell apart. they can do it again. they can raise the income level for having the taxes raised. president offered $400,000 rather than $250,000. $400,000. people over that pay more last week. got it to $500,000, i
3:40 pm
personally talked to members of congress conservative republicans who would go along with that. then maybe 400,000 is enough. they will come up with something. if they threw in the amt, not letting it hit 30 million more people. a deal is there to be had. if anybody can put it together, it's reid and mcconnell. they are good at this. >> a deal has been there to had for quite some time. not sure what the republicans with -- what the problem with the republicans is. obama in the end will have won this. it's, if this guess up for a vote. if his package goes up for a vote it will put them in a situation they have to vote against the tax cut. they are not going to want to do. it will cobble together a coalition of the republicans and democrats. he made the offer a week ago.
3:41 pm
democrats get everything they want. tack hike on wealthy. the other thing you hear obama needs to come up on the upper income people. but boehner couldn't get his caucus to vote for something that was just going to hit millionaires. republicans have been intransigent. now they are getting left holding the bag with nothing. >> doug: onus on speaker boehner. >> exactly. the reasons that republicans have been recallsy trent and haven't agreed to any of this, as kirsten said, democrats get everything they want. which would make a republican think twice about approving something that the democrats win everything. it seems to me right now we
3:42 pm
are in a position that mcconnell negotiating this, that something reasonable is likely to come out. mcconnell is a master deal maker. 2010 he fashioned a deal with obama after the mid-term election that extended tax cut two years and brought us where we are today. he is so good if you gave him a weekend and he were in charge he would sol tv syrian civil war. he and read will come up with the package. raising the limit to pay higher taxes. it has to be kept simple. boehner will have two choices. if he refuses to allow a vote and president was hard on him in the statement he made a half hour ago, he will be the scapegoat. option that he will exercise if he thought the deal was
3:43 pm
awful. he will likely have open vote so caucus don't have to vote one way or another. you will get 180 diems and you only need 25 or so republica republicans. then after january 1 you get around the cliff and he has a stronger position. debt ceiling is approaching. >> do you think republicans would vote against tax cut for 98% of americans? they are only going to get 20 republicans voting in >> the reason the republicans oppose it all the way along there is no commensurate spending. nothing on entitlement. it's on raising taxes on the rich. republicans elected on holding the line on taxes and cut spend having a good argument saying i won't support something that does nothing about entitlement.
3:44 pm
>> a political issue. you vote against tax cuts. >> it doesn't matter in principle. but occasionmfully truth -- >> yes, it does. >> republicans are against raising taxes. you will have 150 house republicans vote for it. something like that. if it's high enough. over $500,000. >> with the incremental raising of the threshold you will get republican votes. >> sure you will. the won with plan "b" of bane bay he couldn't -- boehner he couldn't get enough republicans. he had 150 republicans out of 240 and he couldn't get to 218 or what they needed. to pass it. president obama has an odd negotiating style. if you get near negotiation
3:45 pm
deal he raises the anti. that is what he did. everyone was optimistic in november how soon they would get a deal and agree on one. he comes in after thig with a brand new offer he wants another, another stimulus package. money for a housing program. deal with debt limit. >> so both could go back to white house and the president would say no, i want more? >> that is what he did in 2011. that broke up the deal with boehner back then. the $4 trillion. no i need more in houses. >> the stakes are higher now charles. >> the president staked his ground today. not going to back out. if the republicans agree. what mcconnell will do, as he negotiates the limit to pay higher taxes, he will check with boehner and say if it's
3:46 pm
at this level give me 50 republicans. i would pass. >> quickly, the democrats give up nothing? >> if today is the deal, obama and the democrats won. if you look at people getting what they want. you know, who knows what will happen? in the next 24 hours. it's possible, look a lot of liberals upset if it goes up $400,000 to $500,000. >> probably get a deal most republicans can support majority of them in house and senate. i bet. >> doug: next up, the friday lightning round. stick around.
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3:49 pm
>> doug: back for the panel. long shoreman strike was
3:50 pm
averted with 30-day extension of the continuing contract. this had potential to be, have a huge impact on the u.s. economy. strike by 14,000 long shoreman from maine all the way to the gulf coast. considering the fact of how manufacturing changed, decimateed outsourced to countries around the world. this would have been a profound impact. >> the number, the small number of the long shoreman were going to have a tremendous impact on the american economy and the whole country i hope. i think the president, if he needs to, as much as president obama and democrats hate the act and they hate to invoke blocking a strike for 90 days, president obama would have to do it if necessary and may have to in a month. >> kirsten, look. anybody that is going to -- we're in a very, very tenuous recovery right now.
3:51 pm
>> this could have a major impact. president obama would be loathed to go against the unions but he might have to do that if it has serious negative impact on the economy. >> charles? >> what is astonishing is how small a number people involved here. less than 15,000 for all the ports. you showed on the map. the east coast and the gulf coast. in the '60s, there were ten times as many. today you are working with a ten of the force. testament to automation. and to container of revolution. in the 1960s, new york and new jersey twice as many long shoreman as you have on the east coast. gulf coast. i think it's amazing that you would have had that small number of people who could have had that huge an impact on the economy. i think it will likely end up being settled. it's a testament to how well we have done with the
3:52 pm
productivity in 50 years. >> number two now. in russian. vladimir putin signed a bill today that been as americans from adopting russian children. what is this about? >> response to the magninsky act won by americabe by congress signed by the president which would narrowly, narrowly written. a russian reformer exposed corruption of $230 billion or something like that in the russian government. what the act would do and then he was in prison. basically murdered. deny visas to officials who were involved in the murder and other human rights violations. stop them from using any of the overseas assets. get a petty response from vladimir putin who tries to act like a big man who is going to lead russia back to the glory days. this is petty and silly.
3:53 pm
should be seen that way. >> doug: fascinating to me to read the russian perspective on this. they wrote today over the past ten years four times more children died in the u.s. in domestic violence than soldiers in iraq or afghanistan in the war. this is worst death rate in developed world. the myth that adopted children would be better off in the u.s. than in russia is doubtful. then the piece goes on to compare child death rates in united states from texas to vermont. texas has a much lower tax rate, and con quently lower level of government support. texas has two times more children death caused by domestic violence than vermont. >> putin cares about the children. it's all about children. he is a loathesome monster. he has always been. this is like way beyond petty and silly. this is horrifying. there are children living in orphanages. you have families who have already identified children that they were in the process
3:54 pm
of adopting that they spent time with, relationships with, that they now cannot bring to the united states. this is sick. to use children -- being punished for human right violation, the response is to punish children story in abc about couple adopting a child with spina bifida. now leave the child over there when you have an american family wants to take jimena. disturbing. >> cost is $s $1040,000 and many already visited the kids and established relationships. if you look at the putin pattern of, you know, jailing pop stars. poisoning kgb, former kgb agents or murdering journalists is he getting more paranoid? >> he is a russian spy. soviet spy. that is who he is. semily. continued the soviet system
3:55 pm
without ridiculous communist ideology. police state. not as bad as soviet days but he turned it to dictatorship. content for the united states to show. this is a loathesome act and did it at a slap at the united states. silly stuff from the control papers about death rate of children in the united states. soviet style propaganda. it tells you what an abject come call collapse we have. in obama reset policy. harolded with the russians. it's not only that when putin ran he ran on anti-american level. arguing against the united states. speaking of clinton as hillary clinton, secretary of state organizing the demonstrations against him. then in the policy world. supporting iran against us, on the nuclear issue. supporting assad in genocide war against his people.
3:56 pm
last week he supplied diesel to the tanks and the forces which were requiring it. this is a guy, our policy is complete failure in respect russia. >> doug: a minute left. brief comment on the death of four-star general normon schwarzkopf. >> a great soldier. we treb left hook in 1991 in the 100-hours war that got iraqis out of kuwait. >> hail mary pass. >> didn't do as well in cease-fire negotiations which allowed them to keep the helicopters, which used to kill shiites. >> charles? >> he did, i mean he was a war hero in vietnam days. tremendously successful leading desert storm. but in addition, i think it was a seminole event in our history that it restored the prestige, and the affection that americans have of the american military. which suffered horribly in the vietnam days and '70s. even in the early '80s. turning point. >> he had a church hillian
3:57 pm
quality. we'll fight them on the beaches and landing zone. he said we'll go around, through, over, through, on top, underneath any other way it takes to meet them. admired him. >> briefing on the tube were -- >> got to go. got to go. that is it for panel. stay tune to see how you can teach your dog a new trick. old dog a new trick. [ sarah ] i thought, the red cross does katrina.
3:58 pm
they don't help single moms. hi! hi! [ sarah ] what happened to our house last year? [ daughters ] it flooded and the water flooded out. yeah.
3:59 pm
[ sarah ] the red cross arranged the hotel for us. they gave me that break, that leverage, to be able to get it together and take care of them. you know? i feel like we've come full circle. [ daughter 1 ] like that! [ daughter 2 ] this is how i'll do it. [ sarah ] there you go. >>

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